The Power of Ignore

Some people think that the position of government is power, while others think that money is power. While this may be true on the surface, real power is your power to control your emotions and thus your power to ignore the things you should probably ignore.

Yet is impossible, or at least very difficult To ignore the people who assault you verbally, you break down or ignore the people you miss.

You have a power that will and you will probably be extremely helpful. Everyone has that power in their lives. The problem is that most people do not know that they have it. Most people do not know that it works wonders when they are used properly. So, what can you do and what will you do with your power today?

How does this power affect your life? Are you sure you have it? Can someone use it? Does it have side effects?

The power to ignore is an extremely powerful and useful tool, so use it in moderation and use it with caution. Do only what you can do safely. The author is not a legal professional but written for entertainment, information and to share ideas and suggestions. You, the reader is responsible for making your own decisions and choosing only what suggestions or ideas are safe and useful in your life. Do nothing that you know or feel will put you in danger. Do not do anything that you know or feel will harm you or those around you. Be confident, be careful and be smart when using your power to ignore.

The power to ignore is a very valuable asset to the lives of anyone. It is there, it is always present and always available and ready to use at any time. So why do not so many people notice it and not use it? What can this power do for you today, this week and this year? Most of the time, we do not need to use it. Most of the time, all is well in our lives and nobody disturbs us and we put our power aside on a backlight and we forget that we have that power. What a mistake. This power can do wonders in your life if you have to use it.


  1. You are online and you have just entered a chat room, bulletin board or other online community area. You are becoming aware of your own business when suddenly you approach by type or by sound and begin to question you. You think they are normal, so you participate in the conversation. Everything is fine. Then, suddenly, you realize that there is something wrong. You see that this person, the new person you've just met, is there to despise you, break you down, or cause you problems. Maybe they want to be a harasser for you, maybe they say they know you or they know where you live. Maybe they begin to call you names and disappoint you in front of other people. You start to feel very bad at ease. And you want to go out, but you were there for a specific purpose. You went to the chat room or bulletin board to chat with your friends. You do not want to leave simply because someone tries to make you feel uncomfortable. So what are you doing? How do you manage this dilemma? What are your options? What is at your disposal? It is a moment and a place where you can use your power to ignore effectively to change things. You can change the negative situation in a neutral situation or even in a positive situation.
  2. You are out and someone starts to disturb you. It is full day and everyone walks. There are many witnesses. Someone starts saying nasty things about you and saying things that are not true. Someone tries to ruin your reputation. What to do? How do you react? They are foreigners who disturb you, one or more foreigners. Will the power to ignore be effective here?
  3. You are at school or at work and the people or people who start to bother you are familiar. They are not strangers. You have seen them here hundreds of times and they are still trying to verbally attack you or call you names or try to damage your reputation. What are your options? What is at your disposal? how to get out of this situation?

There are hundreds of other situations like these listed above and there are hundreds of different ways that you can tackle these situations. Everyone manages problems in their own way because of their life experiences, their age and their personality. How would you treat all or all of these situations? The key to effectively managing the situation is to know why each of these situations occurs. Then you do not have to feed the situation without knowing it. You take control of what you do or do not do. The power of each situation is in your hands, your mind, your body and your soul. Use your knowledge and your mind to handle every circumstance that happens in the same way as those listed above.

First of all, we will tell you why some of these things happen. Then, knowing why they happen, you are armed and you will be able to make the right decisions about what to do next time it happens to you or your family.


It has been proven time and time again, that most of the time, when humans annoy, intimidate or attack other human beings, they do it for one or the other, # 39; other of these reasons: attention, money, consumer goods, power, control, insecurity, ignorance, prejudice, hatred, anger, mental illness, revenge and Other emotional reasons. However, most of the time, when the person attacks or emotionally attacks the victim, most of the time, she does so for attention. Yes, attention is one of the most sought after things that some humans want. Yes, these other reasons are partly responsible for some of the attacks, but most of the time you will see and find out offensive attackers just want the attention you may have. They want the spotlight. They want their backs to be patted. They want people to stop, pause and notice. They want to be praised; They want someone to talk to them and they want someone to have a relationship with them. Most normal and reasonable people will not verbally attack anyone, especially in public and especially in a group atmosphere. Why? Because most normal people receive and have all the attention they need, they take care of their own business and make their daily lives respectful of those who cross their paths.

ABUS VERBAL (IN GAMES, SCREAMING & NAME-CALLING): So I will now discuss how to treat the researcher who is attacking you verbally, emotionally attacking you to attract the # 39; attention. Here is the power you have in you and here is the power that could solve your problem. You have the power to ignore; That is correct, the power to ignore. When you use this power properly, this will solve your problems and you will become a much happier person because you will not have to deal with horrible people who have nothing better to do than to do it. Verbally attack other human beings. Here are step-by-step instructions on using this power supply correctly:

  • Ignore the offender. Ignore every word that the offender tells you or about you in any discussion room, bulletin board or public or private forum you are attending. Ignore everything. Do not waste your time by saying that you ignore someone. When you do this, you do not use your power with confidence and effectiveness. You can not ignore someone if you talk to them, even if you just tell them you ignore them. Use your power wisely and well.
  • Do not feel the need to defend yourself against the person who is attacking you verbally. You do not have to defend yourself. You must not correct the false statements that the person is making about you in public. You do not have to worry about your own reputation. You do not have to do any of these things. All you have to do is ignore them. Once you have started the program 100% ignore, things start to be set up.
  • Do not forget to never pay attention, even a negative look at the bully or the aggressor. Once you have discovered that someone is verbally trying to hurt you, bother you, hurt you or start rumors or ruin you, never gives a touch of attention to this bullying And especially do not take any notice of the bully.
  • Refuse to acknowledge statements made by the bully. You can read statements (we do not recommend it), but never, never respond to statements ever. If it is a matter of importance and you think you have the right to make an answer, answer other people in the group, answer your friends and colleagues and others People who know you, but totally ignore the words of the bully and the bully, and the actions.
  • By doing this, ignore, save completely or copy what the person tells you when he calls you names, depreciates or abuses you verbally.

THIS POWER IS EFFECTIVE: These are ways in which you use the power to ignore properly and effectively. Once the bully notices that he does not get anywhere in your house, he could deepen it a little and try to make sure that other members of the group are on his side Or see its way or continue trying to ruin your reputation. Do not be afraid. Be confident in your abilities and in your own reputation. Do not care what he says in these forums. Be confident and you will succeed in avoiding the bully and coping with the bully. Use the power to ignore again and again, even if you have to use it a thousand times, use it. This is the effective way to manage bullies, assailants and stalkers.

RECORD, JOURNAL AND KEEP TRACK: The reason you record or journal what happens is because you have the files in case you want to go In the courts or in case you need to testify against the bully. With appropriate recordings and notes, you are ahead. If you are in a discussion room or bulletin board where people type and the bully has approached you in the guy, cut and paste the offense into a file that you save. Save it from your computer. Save it in a flash drive or save it in an email account that no one knows you have. In this way, your entries are secure. If the bully accuses you or verbally slanders on a microphone. You can record what happens and keep it for the future. You can add your voice to the mix (Do not give attention to the bully, but say things like, today Tuesday 12 October (This is not As an example.) You can say things like talking to your friends on the microphone and completely ignoring the offender (this way, what you do is not listening, but rather You record yourself since you are in the conversation Listening is the secret recording of conversations that you are not involved in. Once you put your voice in the mix, You are not listening, but you record what you say, and if the bully slanders you or harass you on the microphone right away, well, that is his problem. I suggest you do it Do not stay in the chat room or the chat room if someone attacks you by the microphone. This is to ignore the bully and leave your name in the chat room or bulletin board and go do the dishes or do something else. Turn the microphone on Mute or very low volume so you can not hear it. By doing this you are emotionally unaffected by what the bully says, but at the same time your name in the room shows the bully that he can not take control of your life and that, It can not control you by its verbal abuse. Follow your ground and do what is right in your life.

BULLY FINALLY GO: Now, once the bully realizes (and because most bullies have egos so wide, it takes a lot Of time that they realize you ignore them), it could intensify the bullying because he will think that you are crazy and that he will take this personally . Do not be tempted to respond to all verbal assaults on your character. I know it could be terribly tempting to want to answer or want to defend yourself and your position, but remember this: your mission is to take care of your land, not to get lost in the place of 39 bully or verbal aggressor, and To continue to ignore the bully. When you see the bully harming friends or colleagues, it is time to hang and stay united against the bully. Do not let the person be a bully just because others are afraid of his harassment. (You may notice that some people are reversing bullying just because they know it or are their friends. Some people support verbal bullyers and assailants simply because they receive a bullying A gain or reward to be friends with the In general, good people and even some educated people can be aspired to believe the words of a hangman simply because they are afraid that their Benefits or benefits are compromised if they call the bully on his actions or his words.These remain essentially cowards, standing behind the bully so that they can continue to benefit from their benefits. Have you ever seen movies or TV shows where a huge punk is one of the good kids? We 've all seen it – we' ve even seen some examples of work. Idator is there, which is wrong. And even if the people behind him and even if witnesses are there, they still allow the bully to use his false sense of power and they let him do what he wants. These followers are usually afraid to take revenge on the bully. At the present time, revenge might be a simple thing, as the bully will not help or promote them anymore. There was a case if a bully offered all his friends reduced or free tickets to the movies. So this boyfriend continued to be a tyrant, continued to verbally assault anyone he did not like or who he was jealous and his so-called friends rented him and gave him this fake Feeling unity, just to save and keep their social benefits. Other people allowed the bully to continue to intimidate people, without getting up and doing what is right, worried about the fact that the bully would not help them Not in the future. But most often the reason people support bullying is because they know and realize that if they are on the wrong side of the bully and they do not protect the bully, Bully, the bully will come after them and they will be the new victim. These are the reasons why sometimes, good people turn into cowards and support verbal abusers and bullies. You will be different. You do not worry about what you need to lose and you will continue to ignore the bully and will continue to save or copy some or all offensive material in case you need it for upcoming court dates . You are ready.

Even when the time has come not to ignore the bully, you still ignore the bully. You always use your power to ignore. This sentence seems contradictory, is not it? I am going to explain. You always ignore anyone who abuses you verbally, harasses you, breaks you down, depreciates you or attempts to ruin your reputation or separate yourself from your friends or colleagues. When the bully gets him to the point where he threatens you or you, then you can not ignore these threats. You have to do something about threats. However, ALWAYS ignore the bully. Ignore his words. Do not pay attention to the bully at all. Do not discuss his threats. Do not defend yourself verbally. Do not respond to what the bully tells you or about you. Keep ignoring this bully. This is what works even if it requires a lot of time. The power to ignore the work.


UNIQUE CONVERSATION: The bully can not have conversation with himself for a long time. And basically, if he speaks to you and you ignore him correctly, he ends up talking to himself and about himself. There was once a man who had someone who had shouted and screaming in the street. The man took a different approach and used the power to ignore. He remained at a safe distance from the verbal aggressor. He knew what this picture looked like. Everyone was watching the baby making the scene (in this case, the baby was an adult). When they looked around, they saw someone who looked crazy, screaming and screaming at someone. But since the person to whom he was screaming did not even surrender, and did not reply, the man looked like a crazy person shouting at someone invisible. Is not it funny? This guy screams at the top of his lungs, and no one knows who this person is calling (because the person he was screaming did not recognize his presence.) After the guy shouted a little, the person turned to For a moment like he did not know the offender and he had just looked at the offender the same way everyone looked at him.This guy was really crazy.Wouldn't he like that

ALWAYS STAYS: The key to the use of this technique of ignorance Public is that you do not respond at all, and that you, as soon as possible, go to a safe place so that you can call the police if the bully speeds up his game. As you ignore the bully, you Can get away in the same way as most other people Will get out of this grumpy tyrant. And again, it will look to shout at no one. If you're really annoyed By the screaming tactics of the bully, you can even talk to a friend or a close person and say, what did this guy shout at? . Note the fact that you ignore it and screaming at the top of his lungs could bother the bully, so be ready with a cell phone and be ready to dial 911 if necessary. If the guy screams long enough, there might even be spectators who make up the 911. Most of the time, it does not intensify at this point. Most of the time, if the bully has a reasonable sense left in him, he will stop shouting when he realizes how he seems to scream at someone who does not shout.

WAYS TO RECONVE GLASSES AND STALKERS: There are many websites on which you can report these bullies. Start here:

  • If the bully uses a Yahoo name, msn or excitement or another Internet service provider, write directly to the provider and provide all the evidence of this Which happened. You can write them or send them by email or call them to report bullying or abuse online. (It 's hard, almost impossible to find their mail addresses, but I have them and will publish them in another article on bullying and reporting online aggressors.
  • If the bully uses an anonymous email, there are ways to find the real name of that person so that when you report them to the competent authorities, even those online bullys will be found. Write your reports immediately with as much information as you have regarding the incidents. Write the reports even if you do not know where to send the reports. Write them in word or text. You will know where to send reports soon, while the reports are ready to go.
  • Reporting threats (when someone threatens to harm you, kill or harm you or your family, you can report these incidents to the police or local security agencies (ie, If the person threatens you on a campus, inside a school or a work building, there are usually security guards present, find these workers and report to the police. Incident) .If it is a serious incident, report to the security and report the incident to the police in your city, city or state. Websites that could help you.


Everyone knows who the bully is, is not it? You see the person who is typing, calls someone, puts someone, threatens somebody. And everyone knows who that person is. But what about secret bullyers? Who is the secret bully? The secret bully is the one no one is looking at. The secret bully is the one who is standing by the bully. You know, the little ones standing behind the big guy when the big guy is about to hit the little guy. The secret bully is the one who praises and looks at the aggressor who calls, puts people down, threatens people. These are the secret intimidators. They are part of the action. So if you have secret bullyers in your network, ignore them too. You can ignore them politely. (That seems contradictory, yes!). But you can ignore them politely. You can say hello, goodbye and leave that about it. You do not need to do a chit-chat with them, or give them personal information about you. And above all, do not talk about the bully with the secret bully. This removes your own power to ignore. We've all seen secret bullyers. They think that they are protected from the power to ignore because they do not land against you. (They know that this is the job of the bully). But they support the bully. They support him, even knowing that he is abusing someone. They accompany it in a neutral way by not taking a stand against bullying. This is their choice. And you have a choice. As for the secret bully, do not provide them with any personal information about you or any other person. For them, it 's hello, goodbye and what good weather we have. Stop all and all other connections with secret bullyers. This will increase your power of ignorance and become stronger. Why? The reason is because bullyers thrive and rejoice in any information the person has about you. And secret bullyers can get information about you and pass them on to the bullies.

Know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people who are currently being bullied. Know that if you are intimidated who has no thoughts about your character or community, but he has a negative reflection on the bully. Insults are unstable and loose by nature. If this were not the case, they would not spend their lives harassing other people. So, do you know that you are special, and you are a wonderful person. Do not let the bully get to you and keep reading here to find out how to properly handle bullies online and in real life.

Know that only if you support in secret or in public or By supporting a tumult, that your turn will come. When the victim of the bully becomes stronger and the bully loses his regular victims, you will be as a result of intimidation. Bully supporters feel safe around bullies, but what they do not stop thinking, it is that they are the closest to the bully, they Are therefore the closest to being the next victims. So the next time you see bullies in action, it would be better for you and all those around you if you do not support the bully.

TAKE IT AGAIN: Many times, people see bullying on the Internet as a minor or not important. One of the best known security and security experts is making sure that everyone understands it. This is why you must take bulls on the Internet seriously, Gavin DeBecker clearly states that we should not accept any online behavior that we would not accept in real life, in our homes, workplaces, Schools or social events. If you do not defend bullying in real life (and you should not defend this), do not support online bullying, verbal assaults or threats either.

In English, contact yahoo by registered mail:

Yahoo! UK Ltd, 125 Shaftsbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8 AD, England We will print another article with more information on bullying and current addresses of other Internet service providers. (The carton for Yahoo USA is in California, look at our other articles for more information like that).

Updated on: 25 April 2008.

Source by Linda Lin

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