Small But Beautiful Cinnamon Killifish Are Ideal for a Tiny Budget

Killifish with cinnamon is found in West Africa. They are small fish because they can grow up to two inches and they are multicolored. Their bodies are mainly pink and their fins are bright yellow in color. Their scales are covered with blue spots. Females are less attractive because their colors are not brilliant.

If you provide them with appropriate living conditions, they can live up to eight years.

They are freshwater fish and comfortable in calm water. They are considered robust fish because they can tolerate variations in water conditions and in water temperature. They like to live in aquariums with many plants. As they are small, a small aquarium suits them.

They wish to swim in the middle or upper part of the aquarium. They are not swimmers fast, but they can take their food quite easily.

The methods of cinnamon are not doubtful, but it is better to provide them with clean and well treated water. The water may be slightly acidic and the pH level may be between 6.7 and 7.2. The water temperature should be maintained in the range of 75-82 ° F. You should change the water at regular intervals and the filtration system should be installed to keep it clean.

When they are in the wild, they will eat worms and larvae. When they are in the aquarium, you should feed them with live or meat foods. Sometimes you can feed them with a boiled flake or vegetables. This is necessary to meet their nutritional needs. Remember, they are not inferior infants. Food should float in the water so that they can catch it.

Their breeding pattern is more or less similar to other varieties of killifish. They will reproduce very easily if you keep the proper conditions in the aquarium. The females lay their eggs on the leaves of the plant and the eggs are adhesive. They will take about two weeks for hatching. Frying will begin to eat from the first day and you should feed the baby brine shrimp. They will grow in a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

They have a very useful habit: they like to eat mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. So people from Asia and Africa like to keep them. Even governments in those regions are encouraging them to keep them.

The only fisheries guardians of important precautions should remember the death of cinnamon regarding their behavior. They are aggressive in nature and are not likely to recover. Similarly, you should not keep them with other fish species that are large.

As they are small, you can easily keep them in a small place. The maintenance of the aquarium should also be very simple due to its size. So if you have a small budget, they are an ideal choice. Simply use appropriate lighting to let their colors illuminate and, with their movements of elements, they will entertain your family and guests.

Source by Chintamani Abhyankar

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