The Importance of Baby Monitors!

Baby monitors are among the most important purchases you would make when preparing your new baby. Many new parents are afraid to leave their newborn alone, even for a minute. With hundreds of stories about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) being executed, this fear is very understandable! This is why baby monitors are so important.

Baby monitors allow parents to be a little more comfortable leaving their little one for a short while while they cook, clean and take a bath. With baby monitors, you can hear (and with many new monitors, see) what your baby is doing. So they start to get a little confused, you can go there and meet their needs. This brings peace of mind to parents, as they can take care of the chores while listening to their baby.

However, as with many baby products, they are a wide variety of choices. Do you want a basic monitor or a video? While the brand you are buying is entirely yours, it is wise to look for options so that you can make an informed decision. Here are a few of the options available.

First of all, look at Graco iMonitor. It offers a range of 200 feet, which means you can walk around the house and even in the mailbox and still have a clear sound. If you move out of range, there is a small alarm that informs you. It uses rechargeable batteries, which saves money. The mother unit comes with a belt clip, which allows for easy portability. This is a good choice if you are very busy with the chores that require you to be outdoors, or if you have a big house. It is also 100% digital.

Next, the Bebe Sounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor. This includes two separate cameras as well as a motion sensor. This digital color baby monitor can put you at ease, as you can see and hear the baby, day or night. The parental unit is portable so that you can walk around the house and still see your baby at all times. This monitor is equipped with an infrared night vision, an energy saving mode for both units and is completely wireless.

Finally, the Philips DECT Digital Baby Monitor. If you want a simple and simple digital monitor, this is the perfect choice. This allows you to check the ambient temperature and comes with a scintillating night light, as well as some hoaxes. It also acts as a walkie talkie, so you can talk to your baby, no matter what room. The parental unit is small and mobile. It comes with a belt clip and a neck cord so you can keep it at all times. With your travel pouch, you can carry it with you when you visit friends and family. Perhaps the best feature is digital technology with zero interference. By using data encryption, you can listen to your baby without worrying about hearing your neighbor's phone conversations. The parent unit comes with two triple "A" rechargeable batteries, but the baby unit requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

It is fairly easy to guarantee that your baby is safe You are busy with dinner or housework. Of course, spending physical time with your baby when your work is finished is also important. The first year of your baby's life is filled with new experiences and adventures. Enjoy them while you can, as happens quickly!

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