Tobi Steamer – Things to Avoid and Do to Make Your Tobi Last

Whenever you buy something, especially home appliances, reading the accompanying manual can be very helpful. Never try to use any device instantly without going through the manual. One of the household appliances that have been proven to benefit its user is the Tobi Steamer. This machine is a straight portable spray just for home use. It gets rid of wrinkles of any type of clothing by instantly leaving the appearance and smell clean. Once you get your Tobi Steamer, make sure you take the manual and read it. This way, you can rest assured that you will be doing the right steps by using it.

Taking care of your Tobi

Tobi Steamer can be a powerful spray but make sure to check them regularly for leaks. Checking the nozzle if it is properly placed in the correct position is important. The hose should also be constantly checked for even small holes and leaks can endanger the user of the contact with steam and hot water. When using the vaporizer, do not try to touch the hot parts. Keep clothing, hands and hair away from this part to avoid being burnt.

Using your Tobi in the right place and in the right place

Tobi Steamer manufacturers have made sure that they respond to the advocacy of most consumers for dry cleaning And suitable for domestic use. This device should therefore be used indoors only. Steam clothing should be in a vertical position with an upward and downward movement unless you are pouring bedspreads directly onto the bed. Tipping the steamer to the rear or using it horizontally can cause a discharge of water and can then burn the user.

Treatment of your Tobi cautiously

Be sure to treat Tobi Steamer with caution; This is after all a very powerful device. This is lightweight, that is why children think this is a toy. So make sure that they are carefully guarded in a safe place. And every time you use your Tobi, keep the children away so they do not get hurt. And above all, never immerse the steam on water or any other form of liquid, it can cause electric shock or may trigger a fire. The use of any attachments or attachments other than those included in the package should never be made. This will not only damage the steamer, but it can also cause a short circuit.

Storing Your Steam

Turn off the Tobi Vaporizer when it is not in use and always unplug it from the outlet when you are finished using it. After cooling, disassemble hose and post and clean each part before storing. Remove water from the water tank and rinse with fresh water. Also remove the vaporizer to completely remove its contents. Never keep the steam and water tank, mineral deposits can form inside these containers that can emit clean steam during the next use. Do not keep the steam when it's still hot. Place the device in a secure area.

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