Seasonal Hair Shedding – Is This Normal Or Do I Have TE, AGA, Or Something Else?

I have many questions on the part of people who want to know if their hair loss is the result of Changing seasons or whether they have TE (Effluvio Telogen) or another hair disorder that can occur at any time of the year. I will try to address these concerns to help you make the difference in the following article.

It is normal to deposit more during the autumn and spring The seasons: All mammals spread a little more during autumn and spring. In general, fall or autumn hair loss is the most noticeable of the two. Some people feel that this is a natural process where mammals replace their summer coats by winter.

In any case, research indicates that although most people lose more hair during these periods, what they lose is usually still in normal levels and does not give rise to The amount of hair shack during TE. For example, the fall and summer sheds can come closer to the 100-hp daily hangar that defines TE, but this does not go much further than the following. This is not the type of loss that obstructs the drain of the shower or on the vacuum charges. You will probably just noticed some extra hairs on your clothes and do not think much.

And, in summer and winter, most people will be closer to a loss of 50 loaves spent per day. Again, what is normal will vary according to the person. Some people are what are called "heavy shedders", but these people are usually also heavy and fast producers, which means they easily and quickly replace what is lost so that they Do not have loss of volume and this process is not at all perceptible.

How do I know if my hair loss is seasonal or if I have a bigger problem ?: This is the question that most people want know. The answer lies in how much you actually lose, what your regrowth looks like and if you do not notice any pattern. In general, if you lose tons of hair (more than 100 per day) for a long period of time, TE or a loss due to scalp problems is the most likely scenario. Again, you might fall into the "Heavy Shedder" category, but if you do, you probably already know it, because this type of loss would be normal for you and would not cause any concern.

People with AGA (genetic thinning or loss of androgen) can also have a fairly aggressive and rapid loss, but it sometimes occurs in a pattern (at the top, temples, Columns or the crown) and you may have difficulty repelling your skin. Hair can be slow to come, can come scrupulously, or can be miniaturized and baby well. This is because DHT and androgens ensure your ability to repel the healthy hair needed to ensure satisfactory coverage.

In general, seasonal losses occur very quickly. You may notice more past hair but it usually does not reach a level that causes anxiety and it does not usually change the appearance or volume of what is happening on your head. If you see this, you should take a look at the other possibilities just to be sure.

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