Should You Choose a Shih Tzu? Pros and Cons

Shih Tzus can be a joy or a pain depending on your situation, and as any breed there are pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider:

Pro: They have the ideal temperament for singles or couples with older children are dogs – outgoing, confident and alert. Although they may seem a bit arrogant to sight, the breed generally has a mild-natured temperament. Can go to be the ultimate TV-potato companion watching the playful companion at the dangling of a toy or a throwing of a feast. These little guys seem to know that they are irresistible and like to be treated like kings.

Con: They are not always good for babies or young children

Because they are used to being the focus of attention, they can get jealous of babies or young children who constantly need supervision by adults. And an older Shih Tzu can snap so disturbed by noisy children who are not respectful of his space. But some are more tolerant, and if the puppy and the child are introduced correctly at an early stage, they can hear themselves swimming.

Pro: The race requires a minimum of exercise

Unlike other breeds that love action, usually only takes a short walk around the block or indoor play sessions. If you have a yard, leaving your out for short periods during the day will shudder, but this breed is also well suited for apartment dwellers.

Con: high maintenance when it comes to grooming

The is a long-haired breed, and without regular brushing, it can become a mess tangled, knotted. If you can not commit yourself to set the time each day to comb your dog's fur, you will need to make regular appointments with the local dog groomer for frequent toppings to keep his coat short and clean. Also require a weekly bath and nails with nails.

Pro: A History of History

If you want a piece of ambling history on your home, look no further than the. Based on the appearances of the breed in ancient Chinese paintings, it is thought that have been around since 624 AD and while the origin of the breed is a subject of much debate they have been known to be the part Of the Chinese court

Con: History of health problems

Although generally healthy creatures, Shih Tzus are prone to kidney disease called renal dysplasia. In addition, because of their short faces, this breed must be handled more carefully than some other breeds – a Shih Tzu respiratory system is compromised by its short nose, so do not smoke or use powerful chemical cleansers around him. Also, short – faced dogs have a high risk of heat stroke, so minimizing your dog 's outdoor activity during the summer is essential.

Pro: All the cool kids have

Because they are impressive, they have been a staple in the American Kennel Club Top 10 of the most popular breeds since 2004.

Con: All cool kids have Shih Tzus

The burden of any popular breed is the & # 39; abuse by puppy millers and farmers d & # 39; backyard, damaging the gene pool by the evil-dog breeding ground for profit and not for & # 39; improvement of the breed

a Shitzu is for you, s & # 39; please start your search with a breeder reference the & # 39; AKC or a specific breed club (in this Case, the American Shih Tzu Club) – these resources point you in the right direction. Never buy a puppy on the Internet with a "Buy Now" tab. The instant gratification is all good and well until you find your puppy is filled with poor selection health problems.

Source by Katrina Wagner

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