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Dog lovers around the world have always been very responsible to their dogs. But this is not the case for all. Whether it is genuine irresponsibility or lack of awareness, many people still follow the wrong path in terms of nutrition and nutrition. Many people can not even think that what they feed their puppies are mainly good for nothing stuff. People have always wanted to give their puppies the highest quality of things but have many times proved to be completely flop, leaving puppy health prone to many diseases. This occurs primarily due to the desire for proper knowledge about the health and nutrition of the puppy.

People are not scientists nor nutritionists. It is not always possible for people to take the time out of their busy schedule and start studying about canine nutrition and health issues. People make extensive use of the cerelac which are used for human babies. Remember, dogs are completely different animals; They have different eating habits; They need different types of nutrition for proper growth. Foods that are good for human babies may not be completely useful for puppies. However, a few – very few people have gathered knowledge about puppy care, diet and nutrition. All that is possible is to get some good tips on puppy diet, nutrition and puppy health care. This saves a lot of time for them and if followed correctly, will give a good result. Here are some guidelines for busy people, who are genuine dog lovers and are looking for general guidelines on puppy care, and nutritional food for puppies.

The best but the shortest answer is that your puppies need good food. Now the question is what the term "Good Food" refers to? Well, that means nutritional foods. Now, it may still seem rather vague to you, because you may need to know what "nutritional food" actually contains. Nutritional Food refers to a perfectly balanced diet that ensures the proper growth rate and develops the right degree of immunity. Puppy cerelac has proven to be the best diet for puppies because it promotes optimal growth. Cerelac puppy are very different from the cerelac which are used for human babies, because the puppy cerelac is made up of all the requirements necessary for the optimal growth of the puppies. The food is composed of high quality cereals, dosed with all the most significant minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and proteins in good proportion, so as to make it a perfectly balanced diet for your little dog adorable. And guess what?

The ingredients of the puppy cerelac are wheat flour, rice, milk, all essential minerals, multivitamins, amino acids, amino acids and choline chloride. Remember that this is just a starting point of your relationship with your dog and feeding him the right food (very nutritious puppy food) is the best way to strengthen your relationship. Just show how much you love your dog.

Why cerelac puppy and not homemade diets?

Why the most successful dog nutritionists always recommend the high quality puppy food puppy instead of traditional human food. The truth is revealed here; This is not a myth! With the puppy food already made the owners have to do nothing but to serve it right in the puppy's bowl. But this is not among the salient reasons … this is just one of those many reasons why people tend to switch to ready-made puppy food from homemade foods.

High quality cereals: The high quality cereals that are used in the puppy cerelac helps in the formation and retention of calcium, which is of prime importance as far as appropriate rate of growth And the development of bones and teeth are concerned.

Wheat flour: Wheat flour with finely ground particles of wheat bran and wheat germ are nutritionally useful for your dog's body.

Cereals are the healthy ingredients of puppy cerelles that makes keeping your puppy active and agile. This gives your puppies sufficient strength. Rice is the main source of starch which is again very important for the puppy.

Rice: Rice is the main source of starch that is again very important for the puppy. In addition, this acts as the leader and a source of long term energy as well as energy storage for your puppies. This can also act as a filling in order to increase the protein percentage of the food, making the puppy cerelac a good puppy food.

Calcium: It is essential that diets of dogs – especially puppies should be balanced by an appropriate dose of calcium. A proper Calcium: Phosphorus ratio is maintained in the puppy cerelac or puppy feed. Calcium is the most abundant mineral of all animals; Dogs need it much more than humans. Human Cerelacs are not fortified with much calcium that is actually needed for your puppy for proper growth.

Vitamins: Dogs needs more vitamins than human babies. Human baby foods do not contain as much vitamins as actually does your puppy. Vitamins are of paramount importance for good vision, healthy skin and coat, mucous membranes and normal development of bones and teeth.

Minerals: As the meaning of vitamins, minerals also promote adequate growth by developing healthy internal health. Vitamins promote proper cell growth and promote optimal immunity.

Amino Acids: Essential Amino Acids Boost your puppy's immune system response by improving the production of T cells.

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