Interesting Facts You Need To Know About a Baby Bearded Dragon

Are you thinking about getting a baby bearded dragon? Australian bearded dragons, as they are commonly known, are truly popular among animal owners. This lizard got very fancy colors and a dragon like look. Where the high demand for them. It is easier to take care of a fully developed lizard than to take care of a baby bearded dragon. This is because they require attention to detail. The first step is to find a healthy one. You should therefore go for one that responds quickly to physical stimuli.

Baby dragons will sit well on your palm. Although this is good, you should be able to detect some resistance of the lizard as you pick it up. They must have eyes wide open without any sign of infection. Examine the mouth; Similarly, a well-fed dragon will have a rounded appearance. They will be plump too. The key to raising a young dragon is to pay attention to detail. Adult Beardies will survive on inferior quality care, while their younger counterparts are more susceptible. You should avoid too much contact with the reptile for the first few months to avoid highlighting the lizard.

However, bearded dragons are fairly interactive and will not be minded to be picked up from time to time. Nevertheless, you should start slowly, to allow a new bearded baby enough time to adapt to his new habitat and human contact. Remember that baby dragons are just that, babies. They will be overwhelmed by their new experiences. They can easily be afraid and that is why you should keep minimal contact. It is best to start contacting slowly, gently lifting the animal into your palm and allowing it to sit unhindered for a few moments. After a while the young bearded will begin to understand that you do not mean bad. By the time he is one year old, the lizard will sit comfortably on his shoulder or be fed by hand.

When a bearded dragon baby feels threatened, it can swell the pocket under the chin. This is to make him look bigger and intimidate the treatment. This puff of the pocket is the reason why they are called, "bearded" dragons.

Baby dragons are very social lizards, you should take them out of their cage a bit to explore the surroundings and be around you. Bearded dragons can live up to 15 years. This requires a long term commitment, giving them the attention. Raising baby bearded dragons is not a difficult task at all, especially compared to the work involved in maintaining more advanced species. Their care is simple and their needs can be satisfied easily. A dragon is a good pet to have around your home. Yet very simple to take care of, it also has a very distinct look.

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