The Acorn Theory

Each person carries a unique character that asks to be experienced and that is already present before it can be experienced.

The Theory of Acorn was first postulated in modern times, at least in The Public Domain by James Hillman, author and psychologist, in his book of Best- Selling; The code of the soul. Hillman believes that one of the greatest mysteries of life is the question of character and destiny. In this theory he proposes that our vocation is innate and that it is our mission in life to fulfill its imperatives. He called the "Acorn Theory", the idea that our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the fate of the oak is contained in the tiny acorn.

The central theme of Hillman's acorn theory is that some remarkable people, including renowned artists and world leaders as well as even some serial killers are born and not made. This obviously goes against what we call conventional psychology which believes that early childhood conditioning or socialization is the biggest determinant of what a person will do to themselves. Even later in life

Hillman says and I quote; "Neither nature nor culture" (neither genetics nor environment) dictates the outcome of a lifetime. Rather, it is an innate quality that each person possesses, the spark of individuality that, as a master code for the life of a person, determines the direction in which he will pursue his destiny. "

This is when he discusses an increasing intelligence that provides a roadmap for the life of a person. In many religions, this is called angles Guardian, spirit or soul. In other words the true destiny of the adult is already known to the child and it is that knowledge that guides the 39 Child in spite of all the obstacles imposed by parental and social norms, in the inevitable direction of his fate, in his book he refers to this as the "soul code", where the Title.

Then the theory of the glans decomposed in its simplest terms proposes that each life is animated by a particular image that calls it to its destiny, yes, finally there is this word. Plant an acorn in a field of sunflowers and you get an oak, not a sunflower stalk. No matter what mom or dad do in the way of encouragement or discouragement, it makes no difference, the little "soul-child" knows where it goes and will find its way in time. Their guardian's angle will guide them!

Now, what Hillman also says, it is more of a myth than a theory. He attributes this myth to Plato; "That you come into the world with a destiny, although it uses the word paradigm, instead of destiny."

So understand that he does not throw the baby with the bath water as it was but he says And during his many years said it very strongly, that sometimes You encounter an individual who can not be explained in terms of nature or cultivation. There is of course a place for conventional psychology, but it should take into account the possibility of the theory of the glans when it confronts an intriguing individual and not try to constantly seek the status quo of conventional psychology

Well, I do not have the brain power to discuss the merits of his argument against conventional psychology anywhere near his level, but being the romantic I am and imbued with Christian faith, Love to entertain the notion and idea of ​​it. But by saying this, my life experience and the belief that "life is difficult", suggests something very different, something much more related to the land than the idea of ​​destiny or some sort of pre outcome -ordered to their lives.

When I met the glans theory many years ago, I first thought it had been written by a self-help guru in a book That he had written and that I was going out on the road to sell on tour. You have to admit it by reading it, especially for the first time, that makes you think! I know this is for me. My initial thought was that it means that we all have uniqueness and a contribution to make and power inside to get out and realize our dreams. But pre-destined never entered the picture for me. On the contrary, if we learn to believe in ourselves and understand the value of hard work, we could find our way to our goal of life, fulfillment and fulfillment of our dreams. At the time, I never realized that it meant something very different for James Hillman and the world of psychology. The thing is that I still believe what I originally thought, but now coming to understand a little better that this theory (the myth) actually came by a pretty trustworthy guy named Plato to James Hillman , Makes me want to approach it with Much more respect for what it can teach.

I am sure that anyone who has ever had at least a passing interest in psychology has heard about the concept of nature (genetics) and nurturing (conditioning or socializing) in the reference to first family experiences and the role that These experiences play in our training leading to adulthood. In particular the influence that Mom and Dad have on our emotional, spiritual and for the intellectual and physical well-being of growing matter. During these years of training, we develop our personality style or way of communicating, we develop our core values, our needs and interests develop from the relationship and influence of family and friendship.

Within the family is translated, for better or for worse in the adult.
The idea that no matter what my first family experiences are, or what I'm trying to do or control turn out to be of little or no relevance is repugnant to me. I will become something that has been predetermined by some force beyond my consciousness is just a little too much to understand or for that reason to believe. "What will be will be!" If that were the case that most of us would probably be "slugs." After all that would be the point of working hard toward a goal, to go out and accomplish something, anything?

Be innate to us (nature) or socialized in us (nourish), take your choice, is a set or hierarchy of needs described by Abraham Maslow another psychologist. How then would we have responded to our needs for ego status, where would we get our sense of belonging, being a part of something, our sense of value? How could I derive the meaning of my life, where would validation and affirmation come from if everything was just going to happen, be handed to me without any effort on my part

Health, reasonably well Adjusted, neurotic individuals are naturally attracted or have developed the need to achieve something meaningful to them even sometimes without really being aware of what leads them (need tension).

I remember telling my parents when I was young that I wanted to be a doctor not saying I had to be a doctor. Needless to say, it did not work. In fact, after that, there were a number of false stops and stops. Finding my way to my life goal at age 59 (man for others), came about because of the life experiences that I had little or no control over and experiences that j & # Strategically controlled. I asked myself a lot!

In the end, it took a near death experience that lasts better than four years to finally find me there.
Do I believe that acorn theory has been applied, that almost dying from pulmonary insufficiency during two years and at the 11th hour of receiving a lung transplant was part of my Destined, part of the master plan of my life? This is a stretch even for a slightly liberal thinker like me.

And let us not lose sight of the importance of control in everyone 's life. When left with little control, we become terribly stressed and dysfunctional. Some are even ready to fight until death for control, especially control of their lives. I believe that we call this freedom which suddenly raises the whole spectrum of free will.

The theory of the acorn floats in the face of free will, something that Christianity teaches us that we have. How could one believe in fate and free will at the same time? They are not congruent if you believe that no matter what happens out there and how it affects your life, you are always drawn or drawn to your destiny.

However, the dilemma and what makes it all so fascinating For James Hillman and others, in my opinion, these are the exceptions, those people who grow up in an unhealthy environment to become strong citizens , Leaders, famous and accomplished people, and what about those who become serial killers despite what seems normal, Healthy Education? Could these people really have something else in their lives?

So for all the parents of the audience and those who will soon be parents or who will end up being parents, in addition to the fascination of the matter, if you go down on the side of nature- Feeding, as most do, there is a powerful enough message here do you think.

As you work to find your way to your life purpose and reflect on the impact your first family has had on your journey, and your past and present struggles, think of what Will your children arrive under your care during their years of training? Will they get the quality time and attention they need to enable you to grow healthy and balanced emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically? The demands of our world make it very difficult to differentiate what our children need to want and then be able to give them.

Hillman is credited with the following:

"I think we are miserable in part because we have only one god, Is economy. The economy is a slave driver. No has free time, no one recreation. The whole culture is under terrible pressure and loaded with " James Hillman

My god is that life? I can not believe the power in this world. The truth of his statement for all of us. Do we let the economy rule over our lives, to the extent that we compromise our mental and physical health and in turn that of our children?

As far as children are concerned, James Hillman 's message can be summarized in the saying, "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, but we forget that it is somebody today, "Stacia Tauscher

And please, please do not ever forget; "Children are the living messages that we send at a time when we will not see." John W. Whitehead: The American Robbery, 1983

Get all these acorns raked before the snow, otherwise the destiny will come throughout your lawn next spring.

Source by James Ladd

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