How to Breed Fish – Top 5 Tips

If you always wanted to know how the fish breed, you found the gold mine. This article will list 5 tips to help you successfully raise fish. When you raise fish, it could be for a variety of reasons. This can include, the joy of lifting more fish and filling a tank; Have fish to feed other pets and large fish;

Here are the top five ways to help you raise fish:

Decide on the type of fish you are progressing. Various fish reproduce in different ways. Some fish have live births (guppies) and other fish create nests and lay eggs. Both are very exciting to watch and depending on the type of reproduction you make, you have to prepare yourself in different ways.

2. When you raise fish, you must look at the size of your tank and the number of fish in the tank. Many fish will actually eat fried (baby fish) if you go to the breed, you may need to invest in another tank for breeding. Alternatively, if this is a fish like a guppy, simply using the tank inserts that sit at the top and the fish section can work. However, you need to make sure that the fry will not be able to swim through holes and cracks. In addition,

3. Filtration plays an important role in your ability to raise fish. Many filtration systems are not designed for small fry and actually suck babies right into the filtration system. Look around for filtration that will not allow this to happen.

4. 4. If the fish have already been raised in the main tank, and you want to allow them to survive, you will need to use your fish shovel to remove all fry and place them in Another reservoir. Although fish have a chance of fighting being in a community tank, on several occasions, only a couple will survive, regardless of the number of fry that have begun their life. Fish have a great way not to allow a tank to be overcrowded, so that what will get into the tank will survive. (As with all new tanks, circulate water for a few days before placing the fry).

5. It is important to prepare for failure when you raise fish. Although they breed easily under the right circumstances, actually having fry survive in adulthood can be a challenge. Success is a combination of research and experience. Learn all you can about the specific breed you are breeding and try the different methods you have searched for.


Fish breeding is a very rewarding, and often profitable effort. If you learn to properly breed fish, you will have an endless supply to meet all your needs. This article only touches the most important factors to consider, please do more research on specific breeds before you start. As a side note, be sure to contact the stores you intend to sell your fish to. Some pet stores have very strict requirements and you will have to respond to their sales requests. You do not want hundreds of small fish without place to send them if selling is your goal.

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