Growth Patterns – From a Kitten to a Cat

It can be absolutely incredible to watch a small 5 oz cat become a 8-12 pound cat over the course of a year. How does the kitten arrive? How can you best support the growth of the kitten? I hope to answer these questions for you in this article.

A cat is considered a kitten from birth up to about three years of age. This includes baby and teen years. From three years to seven years old a cat is an adult. Once the cat is seven years old, they are considered an elder. Most cats live between ten and twelve, but it is not unknown for healthy cats to live in their teens, I even encountered a few in their twenties!

When a kitten is born initially, it is helpless, much like a newborn human baby. It must be fed and cared for. If the mother is around, you can let her do most of the work, as she is trained by nature to do it. In the first five weeks, do not feed the cat anything, the mother's milk will be enough. If the mother is not there, you will need to give her a replacement milk. You can get this at a pet store or on Amazon. Do not feed cat or kitten cow's milk. It is very bad for them.

For the first few years, you'll want to feed the kitten alone kitten food. This has extra calories and proteins in it that help to support the fast growing kitten. A baby kitten needs to be fed about four times a day, as the kitten gets older, you can reduce this to twice a day.

Make sure to play with the kitten as much as possible. This will help to socialize the cat and make it much more friendly in the future. While playing, you will also want to teach cat things like not to play using her claws and that bite is not right. Teaching a kitten these things is much easier than teaching an adult cat.

Helping a kitten become a full-size, well-fitting adult cat can be very rewarding. It is definitely worth it all the time spent eating and playing. This cat will love you for the rest of his life.

Source by Sally Endaer

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