Bearded Dragon Lizard Behavior — Quite Interesting Actually!

A bearded dragon lizard is a great addition to a family as a pet. Not only are they low-maintenance, they are also very soft and easy to handle. They are certainly the paradigm of the ideal animal. Now, if only other animals could be this easy to handle and what enjoyable.

Dragon bearded dragons are extremely soft and docile. They make great animals for children and adults. They are very confident and it may be possible to transport these lizards the first time and they would not be at all.

Docile Nature

As previously mentioned Bearded Dragon Lips are very soft and can be handled without fear of retaliation. You could look for it to get another place and it would not bother you. They do not feel easily threatened and will definitely make a pet sweet and manageable. They have a pleasant nature and take a lot to provoke.

They are also very easy to treat. The only complication here is his eating habits.

Bearded Dragon Lizards are omnivorous, which means they will eat just about anything. Their diet consists of green vegetables, vegetables, but especially insects. Bearded barbed lizards will eat meal worms, grasshoppers, and even small animals like small mice.

Also, easily adapt them to different environments. In fact, they can be found in different environments such as deserts, woodlands, and even populated areas. In addition, they are not opposed to making contact with humans.


Many have noticed that bearded dragon lizards can be almost comic in their interactions with each other. When they are threatened or agitated, the Lizards Dragonnier Barbus will mount a flap of skin under their jaws.

They will also show this behavior during the breeding season to project a sense of dominance in females. And in return, females or other male bearded dragon lizards will slowly swing their heads or wiggle their hands to signify submission.

However, it is not only the males that show their beard to signify agitation or domination. Even the females will show their beards from time to time. These bearded dragged Lips are definitely fun to watch as they go about their social interactions.

Sometimes, the bearded dragon lizard displays this behavior when it is placed in a new environment. They sometimes display a dominance when they are placed in an unknown territory. And like most animals, they mark this territory as their own.

Additionally, when displaying a high sense of attention, Bearded Dragon Lizards will lift their tails. They will usually do this when they harass prey. Juvenile lizards will show it more often than adults.

These behaviors should not worry.


In the end, the common behavior of dragon bearded dragons is fun and adds to their endearing nature. They do not pose any significant difficulty in their care as a result of which. They should be a great choice as pets in a home that has children or first time homeowners.

Source by Michael Torresi

The Acorn Theory

Each person carries a unique character that asks to be experienced and that is already present before it can be experienced.

The Theory of Acorn was first postulated in modern times, at least in The Public Domain by James Hillman, author and psychologist, in his book of Best- Selling; The code of the soul. Hillman believes that one of the greatest mysteries of life is the question of character and destiny. In this theory he proposes that our vocation is innate and that it is our mission in life to fulfill its imperatives. He called the "Acorn Theory", the idea that our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the fate of the oak is contained in the tiny acorn.

The central theme of Hillman's acorn theory is that some remarkable people, including renowned artists and world leaders as well as even some serial killers are born and not made. This obviously goes against what we call conventional psychology which believes that early childhood conditioning or socialization is the biggest determinant of what a person will do to themselves. Even later in life

Hillman says and I quote; "Neither nature nor culture" (neither genetics nor environment) dictates the outcome of a lifetime. Rather, it is an innate quality that each person possesses, the spark of individuality that, as a master code for the life of a person, determines the direction in which he will pursue his destiny. "

This is when he discusses an increasing intelligence that provides a roadmap for the life of a person. In many religions, this is called angles Guardian, spirit or soul. In other words the true destiny of the adult is already known to the child and it is that knowledge that guides the 39 Child in spite of all the obstacles imposed by parental and social norms, in the inevitable direction of his fate, in his book he refers to this as the "soul code", where the Title.

Then the theory of the glans decomposed in its simplest terms proposes that each life is animated by a particular image that calls it to its destiny, yes, finally there is this word. Plant an acorn in a field of sunflowers and you get an oak, not a sunflower stalk. No matter what mom or dad do in the way of encouragement or discouragement, it makes no difference, the little "soul-child" knows where it goes and will find its way in time. Their guardian's angle will guide them!

Now, what Hillman also says, it is more of a myth than a theory. He attributes this myth to Plato; "That you come into the world with a destiny, although it uses the word paradigm, instead of destiny."

So understand that he does not throw the baby with the bath water as it was but he says And during his many years said it very strongly, that sometimes You encounter an individual who can not be explained in terms of nature or cultivation. There is of course a place for conventional psychology, but it should take into account the possibility of the theory of the glans when it confronts an intriguing individual and not try to constantly seek the status quo of conventional psychology

Well, I do not have the brain power to discuss the merits of his argument against conventional psychology anywhere near his level, but being the romantic I am and imbued with Christian faith, Love to entertain the notion and idea of ​​it. But by saying this, my life experience and the belief that "life is difficult", suggests something very different, something much more related to the land than the idea of ​​destiny or some sort of pre outcome -ordered to their lives.

When I met the glans theory many years ago, I first thought it had been written by a self-help guru in a book That he had written and that I was going out on the road to sell on tour. You have to admit it by reading it, especially for the first time, that makes you think! I know this is for me. My initial thought was that it means that we all have uniqueness and a contribution to make and power inside to get out and realize our dreams. But pre-destined never entered the picture for me. On the contrary, if we learn to believe in ourselves and understand the value of hard work, we could find our way to our goal of life, fulfillment and fulfillment of our dreams. At the time, I never realized that it meant something very different for James Hillman and the world of psychology. The thing is that I still believe what I originally thought, but now coming to understand a little better that this theory (the myth) actually came by a pretty trustworthy guy named Plato to James Hillman , Makes me want to approach it with Much more respect for what it can teach.

I am sure that anyone who has ever had at least a passing interest in psychology has heard about the concept of nature (genetics) and nurturing (conditioning or socializing) in the reference to first family experiences and the role that These experiences play in our training leading to adulthood. In particular the influence that Mom and Dad have on our emotional, spiritual and for the intellectual and physical well-being of growing matter. During these years of training, we develop our personality style or way of communicating, we develop our core values, our needs and interests develop from the relationship and influence of family and friendship.

Within the family is translated, for better or for worse in the adult.
The idea that no matter what my first family experiences are, or what I'm trying to do or control turn out to be of little or no relevance is repugnant to me. I will become something that has been predetermined by some force beyond my consciousness is just a little too much to understand or for that reason to believe. "What will be will be!" If that were the case that most of us would probably be "slugs." After all that would be the point of working hard toward a goal, to go out and accomplish something, anything?

Be innate to us (nature) or socialized in us (nourish), take your choice, is a set or hierarchy of needs described by Abraham Maslow another psychologist. How then would we have responded to our needs for ego status, where would we get our sense of belonging, being a part of something, our sense of value? How could I derive the meaning of my life, where would validation and affirmation come from if everything was just going to happen, be handed to me without any effort on my part

Health, reasonably well Adjusted, neurotic individuals are naturally attracted or have developed the need to achieve something meaningful to them even sometimes without really being aware of what leads them (need tension).

I remember telling my parents when I was young that I wanted to be a doctor not saying I had to be a doctor. Needless to say, it did not work. In fact, after that, there were a number of false stops and stops. Finding my way to my life goal at age 59 (man for others), came about because of the life experiences that I had little or no control over and experiences that j & # Strategically controlled. I asked myself a lot!

In the end, it took a near death experience that lasts better than four years to finally find me there.
Do I believe that acorn theory has been applied, that almost dying from pulmonary insufficiency during two years and at the 11th hour of receiving a lung transplant was part of my Destined, part of the master plan of my life? This is a stretch even for a slightly liberal thinker like me.

And let us not lose sight of the importance of control in everyone 's life. When left with little control, we become terribly stressed and dysfunctional. Some are even ready to fight until death for control, especially control of their lives. I believe that we call this freedom which suddenly raises the whole spectrum of free will.

The theory of the acorn floats in the face of free will, something that Christianity teaches us that we have. How could one believe in fate and free will at the same time? They are not congruent if you believe that no matter what happens out there and how it affects your life, you are always drawn or drawn to your destiny.

However, the dilemma and what makes it all so fascinating For James Hillman and others, in my opinion, these are the exceptions, those people who grow up in an unhealthy environment to become strong citizens , Leaders, famous and accomplished people, and what about those who become serial killers despite what seems normal, Healthy Education? Could these people really have something else in their lives?

So for all the parents of the audience and those who will soon be parents or who will end up being parents, in addition to the fascination of the matter, if you go down on the side of nature- Feeding, as most do, there is a powerful enough message here do you think.

As you work to find your way to your life purpose and reflect on the impact your first family has had on your journey, and your past and present struggles, think of what Will your children arrive under your care during their years of training? Will they get the quality time and attention they need to enable you to grow healthy and balanced emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically? The demands of our world make it very difficult to differentiate what our children need to want and then be able to give them.

Hillman is credited with the following:

"I think we are miserable in part because we have only one god, Is economy. The economy is a slave driver. No has free time, no one recreation. The whole culture is under terrible pressure and loaded with " James Hillman

My god is that life? I can not believe the power in this world. The truth of his statement for all of us. Do we let the economy rule over our lives, to the extent that we compromise our mental and physical health and in turn that of our children?

As far as children are concerned, James Hillman 's message can be summarized in the saying, "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, but we forget that it is somebody today, "Stacia Tauscher

And please, please do not ever forget; "Children are the living messages that we send at a time when we will not see." John W. Whitehead: The American Robbery, 1983

Get all these acorns raked before the snow, otherwise the destiny will come throughout your lawn next spring.

Source by James Ladd

3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Lice can be an irritating experience. All of a sudden, you find your prized hair held by creepy crawlers whose only purpose seems to be to breed and lay and make your life a general misery. Your scalp itches, and you feel horrible.

Only those who have a lice problem can fully appreciate how much it can irritate. If you suffer from lice, you probably know more than you would like about them anyway. But there are a few things to understand about lice if you want to control them effectively. First of all, it is – the lice have nothing to do with your cleanliness habits. In fact, lice often prefer clean, soft hair to nest and lay eggs.

The second is that the lice are contagious, and it can be transferred to you by sharing hair care products, a pillowcase, or even a bus seat cover With someone who has lice. You can also have it transferred to your head from another if your head touches someone who has lice, usually the preferred way for trait traitors who have found a way to the head Of your child to school

Get rid of lice? It is important to remember that lice are rustic creatures that are not easy to kill. There are, of course, a lot on counter poisons and pesticides that are charged for "getting rid of lice forever and one day. Do they work? Yes. However, many of these products can be bad for your scalp or hair, and people have even reported severe hair loss after using them. The worst part is that the lice on your head can be resistant to the poison you use, so that in fact you do them nothing but giving them a warm bath.

Enter the natural cures, without pesticides. They are obviously an excellent choice for a few reasons:

· They are good for the environment: These poisonless lice remedies come from trees rather than valuable derived chemicals. This could also mean that they are cheaper too.

· Lice are not resistant to them: unlike pesticides, lice can not grow resistance to natural methods of shedding.

· They do not harm your scalp and can even be good for your hair: Cures like natural oil extracts will not only get rid of your lice, they will give your hair a healthy glow and Bounce – far less than the (19459002)

So, what are these magical natural remedies for lice? The following lists three of the basic ingredients that you can mostly find at home and how to use them to effectively get rid of lice:

1. Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is an unlikely competitor but it works as A charm to kill the lice. Here's how to use it – cover your scalp completely with a few handfuls of mayonnaise, even on the edges of your hair. Put a shower cap on top of it, and keep it for 2 hours. If you feel especially unforgiving, you can stay all night. The lice in your hair will be deprived of oxygen, and will die. Rinse after, and wash your hair with a soft baby shampoo.

Vaseline works in the same way as mayonnaise, and can be used in the same way. But it is important to remember that Vaseline can be quite difficult to wash.

2. Olive oil or coconut oil: These are really ingenious remedies. They dissolve the lice exoskeletons and kill them effectively. You can mix coconut oil or olive oil with a bouquet of essential oils, and use it to get rid of lice on your head or your children. Do not forget to keep it for two hours or more.

3. Good old combing: Combing has been shown to be the most effective natural way to get rid of lice. But this can be a difficult process. It is quite simple: add a conditioner to your hair, and paint your strand hair stranded to remove all lice and nits (these hassle eggs). This works well because it gets rid of the eggs too.

Lice can be really annoying, but it is important to realize that this is a plague completely curable.

Source by Sifat Siddique

Growth Patterns – From a Kitten to a Cat

It can be absolutely incredible to watch a small 5 oz cat become a 8-12 pound cat over the course of a year. How does the kitten arrive? How can you best support the growth of the kitten? I hope to answer these questions for you in this article.

A cat is considered a kitten from birth up to about three years of age. This includes baby and teen years. From three years to seven years old a cat is an adult. Once the cat is seven years old, they are considered an elder. Most cats live between ten and twelve, but it is not unknown for healthy cats to live in their teens, I even encountered a few in their twenties!

When a kitten is born initially, it is helpless, much like a newborn human baby. It must be fed and cared for. If the mother is around, you can let her do most of the work, as she is trained by nature to do it. In the first five weeks, do not feed the cat anything, the mother's milk will be enough. If the mother is not there, you will need to give her a replacement milk. You can get this at a pet store or on Amazon. Do not feed cat or kitten cow's milk. It is very bad for them.

For the first few years, you'll want to feed the kitten alone kitten food. This has extra calories and proteins in it that help to support the fast growing kitten. A baby kitten needs to be fed about four times a day, as the kitten gets older, you can reduce this to twice a day.

Make sure to play with the kitten as much as possible. This will help to socialize the cat and make it much more friendly in the future. While playing, you will also want to teach cat things like not to play using her claws and that bite is not right. Teaching a kitten these things is much easier than teaching an adult cat.

Helping a kitten become a full-size, well-fitting adult cat can be very rewarding. It is definitely worth it all the time spent eating and playing. This cat will love you for the rest of his life.

Source by Sally Endaer

Bearded Dragon Health: How to Remedy Impaction

One of the most common problems with the health of the bearded dragon is the risk of impaction. Impaction is caused when your lizard can not fully digest their food, causing a blockage of the intestines. This is usually caused by substandard living conditions and an inappropriate diet. Before running to the veterinarian, there are some home remedies that have proved very effective in minor cases.

Although bad agriculture is the main cause of impaction within beardies, this problem may arise in even the most ideal settings. For example, if you have rescued a lizard that has had a serious digestive problem in the past, their intestines are more likely to be affected later on the line, regardless of the current conditions it lives in.

The first thing you will notice in an impacted dragon is a lack of bowel movements. If you spend daily time with your pet, then you will notice when things get irregular. Beardies younger should pass stools almost every day because of the large amount of insects they eat. Adults on the other hand, can only go once every 7-10 days. Again, this depends on your specific dragon and what is "regular" for them. If your adult arrives about 2 weeks without movements, then you may have a problem.

Another good sign of impaction is to feel the stomach of your pet. Feel for abnormal bulges or hard spots. Again, if you regularly handle your pet, it will be easier for you to determine how their stomach should feel healthy. You should also consider the amount of food they eat. A hazy dragon does not eat at all, so it does not require that they pass a stool as often.

A more serious case would actually hinder your pet's movement. Rear leg paralysis is a common symptom of an affected dragon.

"I think my bearded dragon is impacted, what should I do?"

Here is the process I have used to help pass several affected lizards over the years:

  1. Stop feeding them The insects
  2. Give the lizard a few drops of vegetable oil or olive oil through a dropper. If you can not get them to swallow the oil by itself, try mixing it with unsweetened applesauce
  3. .

  4. Run a warm bath and soak for about 30 minutes.
  5. While soaking, gently rub the stomach from the muzzle to the vent several times.
  6. Remove them from the bathtub and put them under the sunlight.
  7. Repeat several times a day until the impaction passes.

This method has worked a lot for me in the past. However, if your beardies have not yet passed the impaction within a couple of days of this treatment, then get them to an ASAP veteran. What this procedure does is help to hydrate your pet while loosening the impaction by abdominal massage and oil. You can keep away from solid vegetables during this period as well. Offer baby food instead of the normal salad, and make sure they get plenty of fluids. Pedialyte and Gatorade works very well for this purpose.

The health of the bearded dragon is a fairly easy thing to keep in check if you know what to look for. But even the most experienced guards come up against the occasional question from time to time. It 's then that having some tricks in the sleeve will help you. These tips will not only prevent another veterinary bill, but keep your pet healthy and happy by allowing you to take action immediately. The best thing you can do is spend time with your pet every day, this way you will notice immediately when something is not quite alright with your lizard.

Source by Joselyn Rhodes

Live Plants to Avoid in Your Freshwater Aquarium

Plants are great for aquariums; They create oxygen for your fish, keep your tank clean and just look good. But beware – pet stores often try to earn money by selling terrestrial (terrestrial) plants as aquatic. Although water is good for plants, the submergence of terrestrial plants in water is a bad idea. They will die and rot in your aquarium. The pollutants of the decaying plant are likely to kill your fish. When buying aquatic plants, make sure that you only buy genuine aquatic plants. Here are the brief descriptions of pet plant shops most often trying to sell as aquatic wannabes.

The most popular is the Dracena Marginata, or Dragon Tree. Dragon trees look like brushes, with trunks similar to palms and pointed leaves that come out of the top. Your friendly neighborhood pet store usually sells a baby version of this tree, but in nature they can reach 16 feet tall. Dracaena Marginata is considered a bamboo plant and actually needs dry conditions to grow and will die pretty quickly if it is submerged in the water.

Another popular pose is Algaonema. This is actually a popular domestic plant and is recognizable by its wide green leaves with waxy appearance. The Chinese believe that this is a good omen, but could mean bad things for your aquarium. Algaonema needs to be planted in heavy soil that is moist, not soggy, and will quickly die in water. In addition, they are toxic and cause a rash in the mouth and throat if ingested orally. So imagine what happens when it starts to rot in your aquarium after a few weeks!

The Brazilian sword, or Peace Lily, is another to avoid. The Lily of Peace resembles the Argentine sword, with long thin stems a few large shovel shaped leaves. This plant actually requires dry conditions to grow. It will take a long time to die in your tank but nevertheless should not be placed with your guppies because it can not thrive and will begin to die before you even realize it. The previous article argued that the Amazon and Argentine swords were large aquatic plants – but just because the "sword" is in the name make it a good plant to live with your fish!

Cherry hedge and green hedge are other terrestrial Plants that sneak their way on the shelves of pet stores with genuine aquatic plants. They all go well for a long period of time but will die after several months at the most and should not be immersed in the water. The cherry and green hedges have a similar appearance. They are both short, light green, and bushy. The green hedge has leaves smaller than the cherry hedge. These plants are rustic but need dry conditions in order to grow.

Mondo Grass certainly seems exotic. It comes in bush form and looks like a pile of pale green grass. This is a terrestrial plant that needs little care. Just very little watering and soil drains well. Due to its drier needs, Mondo grass usually takes only two months to die if submerged in water.

Finally, White and Red Arrowhead are other evil beauties that will condemn your fish habitat to extinction. The arrowheads are tall plants with fine stems and arrow-shaped leaves at the top. The white arrowheads are more pale green, while the red arrowheads have dark green edges and reddish centers. Their natural habitat is close to lakes and ponds, but it is a bad idea to put them in the water as they will die quickly.

The need to do the proper research before buying anything for your aquarium can not be stressed enough. Also, take care of the plants right, so that they will not become the enemy. Cut them so they do not overcrown and hide your fish. Limit the tank to two floating plants. Oxygen comes across the surface, and having too much plant growth above the fish could choke them. Follow the rules, do your research, do not fall for the purchase of a terrestrial plant, no matter how many pet store clerks say it is okay, and you Will have a very healthy and natural-looking habitat.

Source by Garry-Ian Macdonald

How to Breed Fish – Top 5 Tips

If you always wanted to know how the fish breed, you found the gold mine. This article will list 5 tips to help you successfully raise fish. When you raise fish, it could be for a variety of reasons. This can include, the joy of lifting more fish and filling a tank; Have fish to feed other pets and large fish;

Here are the top five ways to help you raise fish:

Decide on the type of fish you are progressing. Various fish reproduce in different ways. Some fish have live births (guppies) and other fish create nests and lay eggs. Both are very exciting to watch and depending on the type of reproduction you make, you have to prepare yourself in different ways.

2. When you raise fish, you must look at the size of your tank and the number of fish in the tank. Many fish will actually eat fried (baby fish) if you go to the breed, you may need to invest in another tank for breeding. Alternatively, if this is a fish like a guppy, simply using the tank inserts that sit at the top and the fish section can work. However, you need to make sure that the fry will not be able to swim through holes and cracks. In addition,

3. Filtration plays an important role in your ability to raise fish. Many filtration systems are not designed for small fry and actually suck babies right into the filtration system. Look around for filtration that will not allow this to happen.

4. 4. If the fish have already been raised in the main tank, and you want to allow them to survive, you will need to use your fish shovel to remove all fry and place them in Another reservoir. Although fish have a chance of fighting being in a community tank, on several occasions, only a couple will survive, regardless of the number of fry that have begun their life. Fish have a great way not to allow a tank to be overcrowded, so that what will get into the tank will survive. (As with all new tanks, circulate water for a few days before placing the fry).

5. It is important to prepare for failure when you raise fish. Although they breed easily under the right circumstances, actually having fry survive in adulthood can be a challenge. Success is a combination of research and experience. Learn all you can about the specific breed you are breeding and try the different methods you have searched for.


Fish breeding is a very rewarding, and often profitable effort. If you learn to properly breed fish, you will have an endless supply to meet all your needs. This article only touches the most important factors to consider, please do more research on specific breeds before you start. As a side note, be sure to contact the stores you intend to sell your fish to. Some pet stores have very strict requirements and you will have to respond to their sales requests. You do not want hundreds of small fish without place to send them if selling is your goal.

Source by Jodie Seymour

How To Determine The Sex of Discus Fish

One of the biggest questions asked to the record breeder is "how do I determine the sex of my fish?" There are very few identifiers that are easy to identify in this process. Here we will discuss the methods used by some of the best breeders.

In juvenile fish, the determination of sex is almost impossible. This is only when they begin to mate as the opportunity presents itself to help in the determination of sex. Juvenile fish, both male and female, have a rounded dorsal fin, and this is only when they begin to mature that a difference can be detected. Since it is never wise to handle fish excessively, close observation is to help the breeder.

In Allnut Enterprises King's Discus Hatchery, for example, it is an easy process to determine who is who, as We have observed these fish for a while, and we can determine the sex couples That we possess. That would be true in any hatchery.

Some of the identifiers: The male will have thicker lips to help her fight to protect the female, and will be more aggressive. It is larger than the female, its forehead is thicker and we observed that if the disc is a little shy, the male will tend to remain between the female and the observer.

The dorsal fin of the male will be pointed, and the female's dorsal fin will be rounded.

The reproductive tube of the female, between the anus and the anal fin, is wider and rounder than the male, and will have a blunt tip. The male, in turn, has a smaller, sharper reproduction tube. It has been said that male discus fish will tend to have a less intense color and more pattern, while the female tends to be more colorful.

But with a lower model.

In an interesting article by Jeff Richard, [] he discusses an article in the German Diskus Brief, a German publication, which reports a very successful way to determine the sex of one Disk using simple geometry. Jeff reports, and I quote: "Imagine a disc turned to your left … you look at it. Find the Dorsal (Top) and Anal (bottom) fins and look where the fins go down towards the Caudal) End … make sure you look at the fins after they have bent towards the tail. The dorsal and anal fins are almost (almost) converted straight after the fins are bent downward or upward … toward the caudal end An imaginary line along this straight section of the 2 fins towards the tail Which has just touched the Dorsals and Anal Fins past the Caudal Fin. These two imaginary lines must intersect behind the fish. The key to sexing fish is where the lines pass through. If they pass through the caudal fin, The fish is most likely a FEMALE. If they miss or just touch the caudal fin, it is very likely that it is a male. Thank you, Jeff!

Sexing Discus is difficult at best. The best way to do this is to raise a group of at least six to eight disks, and allow them to mate when ready. This is a nice sight to see this happen, and makes the hobby very useful.

Source by Alden Smith

6 Reasons to Cancel or Reschedule a Party

The cancellation or rescheduling of a part is a very unfortunate event, but often it occurs as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. Knowing how to deal with the situation is of the utmost importance.

Party cancellation is disappointing and difficult to handle but a number of reasons will require it, regardless of your intentions. Here are a number of reasons for the cancellation or rescheduling of some and some information about the guests and the cancellation label.

People can not do it

You will have to postpone or cancel your If too many guests are unable to attend. Everyone wants to share great events and beautiful moments in life with very dear friends. If these people have difficulty doing for the party, choosing another date will certainly be the wisest.

You may want to consider informing people about change in person. Call everyone and you can even inquire about another date for the party to hold.

A storm is coming

The weather can play a trick on you. It can interfere with your festive planning attempts. You should reprogram your celebration in case of severe storm or other type of meteorological disaster is expected – intense rain or snowfall, thunderstorms.

Personal tragedies

A personal tragedy that you or one of your dearest friends has made you feel in the lives of your guests. Experience is another reason for the cancellation of a celebration. Return the party in case of death or illness of family members.

This major event

A major event taking place on the date you plan to have your party will be yet another reason for cancellation.

Important events in the city – concerts, rallies or sports finals may make you think about moving the party to another Date


In the case of an illness or medical condition. This is another unexpected and uncontrollable factor that will interfere with your plans and the process of organization.

It could be a personal condition or illness affecting someone you love and respect.

The reason for the party has disappeared

Sometimes things do not go according to plan. These sudden changes and unexpected turns may require the cancellation of a party.

A baby shower will definitely be canceled in case of miscarriage. This enormous personal tragedy alters plans and demands for rapid reaction.

Party planners should always have a backup plan. Very often, life gains us surprises that we have difficulties to cope with. Cancellation or rescheduling of the party can be difficult, but it is certainly necessary in various cases. Knowing how to be flexible will help you cope with the situation.

Source by Misha Anatolia

What Attracts the Scorpio Male? Love Advice For Women

Meet the man you believe you are destined to be with is a life changing experience for any woman. Unfortunately, the man of your desire can not be like head on heels for you. Understanding how to appeal to the man you want is the key to establishing a long, passion filled, deep connection with him. Obviously, all men are unique in their own way, and if your guy happens to be a Scorpion you must learn to appeal to him in a way that will make you absolutely irresistible to him. Learning what attracts the Scorpion man ensures that you will have the chance to a happy always with the man of your dreams.

If you are shy or shy at all you go to fight in your quest A man born under this astrological sign. When it comes to the question of what attracts the Scorpion man a clear answer is a strong woman will. These men love a challenge and they like to be with a woman who is not afraid to express her own opinion. If you want to make sure that it falls for you, be direct and bold with the Scorpion man in your life. Do not always bend to it when it comes to decisions.

Scorpio men want to be with women who are supportive and caring. Do whatever you can to show him that you are his biggest fan. Whenever it comes to you with a problem or concern, focus on it and show it that nothing is more important to you than helping it. He wants to feel like you really believe in him and care about him. If you can do it and it is genuine, it wants you more than ever.

Source by Gillian Reynolds